"The legions of the Reaching Moon came a generation ago, desecrating our temples, destroying the Old Ways. In the lowlands and the towns, the hand of the Red Emperor is at the people's throats, but here in the highlands we still live free as the wind that roars over the mountain peaks. We are the Haraborn of Black Stag Vale, and our clan has outlived false gods, Western sorcerers, and the lies of dragons. The Red Moon now thinks she can break us, and bend us to her filthy foreign ways. I say Shepelkirt is wrong. When Argrath comes as prophesied, and tears the Red Moon from the sky, we will still be here, faithful to our gods, loyal to our ancestors, and mindful of the ancient ways..."

- Joddi White Hart, Haraborn Lawspeaker

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Recent Reviews

Sorry about the lack of postings.  There was a death in the family and I have been a bit distracted.  Updates on the campaign coming soon.  In the meantime, here are a pair of links to some recent reviews both of "HeroQuest 2" and "Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes," from RPGnet.

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